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The Bearded Chap

Old Time Moustache Wax

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Old Time Moustache Wax

The ultimate everyday styling wax! With a handsome Caribbean Bay Rum scent and hints of clove and warm cinnamon, our Old Time Moustache Wax doesn’t just smell great but works a charm to give your growing stash all-day hold. 

The wax is hard to touch at first; use your thumbnail to gather a small amount out of the jar, it will emulsify into an easy to use tacky once warm between your fingers. Use to style a natural-looking moustache or, for those adventurous few, use to twirl. 

Made from natural ingredients including essential oils and individually poured into travel size 20g glass jars, our Old Time Moustache Wax is perfect for any ‘Chap’ on the go, who wants to look and swell great!

Why you'll love our moustache wax

  • Ultimate finishing styling product.
  • Strong hold wax for everyday use.
  • Intoxicating subtle cinnamon & cedarwood.
  • Made from Natural Ingredients.
  • Comes in 20g glass jar perfect for jacket or trousers pocket.

How to use our moustache / beard wax

Work a small amount into your hands until tacky is warm and easy to use. Apply to moustache. Comb or style as desired.

For more instructions on how to use this product, click HERE. This video is designed to help educate ‘Bearded Chaps’ around the world on how to properly apply the product. Making sure you look sharp, professional and well-polished like any gentlemen should.

Product specs

Scent: Cinnamon and Bay west indies. 

Product Type: Moustache Wax

Size: 20g