"In Frankston's midst, a secret retreat, a hidden oasis where shopping's a treat. Where quirky wonders and treasures unite, and flavours dance, creating pure delight."

Two Boys One Beagle and A Coffee Shop (2B1B) was born in 2018 aptly named after our two children and pup! We serve up a delicious array of brunch cuisine as well as specialty brewed, and local, Commonfolk Coffee.

Herbert's Corner Store is the little brother of 2B1B and is the namesake of our newest Bloodhound addition. Herbert's is a boutique gift store selling a range of "fancy knick-knacks and snacks" sourced both locally and overseas with an emphasis on small business, handmade goods and small batch produce. We endeavour to source the QUIRKIEST, COOLEST & FUNNEST GOODS around!

If you haven't yet, it's time to pop down and inspect our carefully curated shopping and boutique dining experience nestled in the heart of Karingal.