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Make Me Iconic

Iconic Toy - Australian Stacking Burger

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The humble burger is an icon found all around the world, with a different list of ingredients on offer depending on where you find yourself. Did you know that a typical ‘Aussie’ burger might include slices of sweet beetroot or zesty pineapple? Or that the biggest ones are often topped with a fried egg?! This fun wooden toy lets you choose what makes it into your favourite stack. Is yours a deliciously classic American beef burger, or do you like to make your tower extra tall, and experiment with new flavour combos?

We think our iconic burger stack with the lot is a wonderful way for kids to invent their own delicious culinary creation (just for play of course!) Your child can enjoy the bright colours and unique shapes as an add-on to their kitchen or shop play. Stacking toys are great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination - and your little ones can get creative and decorate their burger as they choose with one of the mini-flag designs. Let’s get making! Yum!