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Bon Lux

Flowerface Calm Face Mist

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Need a little help to feel calm sometimes? FLOWERFACE Calm can help!

Made from REAL flowers, to soothe the senses and support moods. Pure chamomile, clary sage and bergamot + floral water promote peace and happiness with each spritz.

How do I use FLOWERFACE?

Spritz Calm on face and body, for hydration; to scent hair, and on pillow and around spaces for uplifting, golden good vibes…the glass bottle is cute on the desk and by the bed.

Avoid spraying in eyes, keep away from pets and small children, lasts longer kept out of direct sunlight.

What’s in it? Chamomile matricaria hydrosol, chamomile matricaria, citrus bergamia, salvia sclarea.

100ml refillable/recyclable printed glass bottle with atomiser.