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Bon Lux

Discreet Drops Bathroom Scent

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We’ve updated the much loved bathroom scent in a bottle Discreet Drops formula of basil, lemon myrtle + lemon with lime and lemon scented gum for extra Australian plant-powered goodness.

Now available in the superior 100ml glass bottle size, new discreet drops is the business for the business!

Discreetly leave the toilet happily + herbally scented!Dispense a few drops into the toilet before leaving; for a powerful basil, eucalyptus + citrus scent, and nothing more.

Ingredients: rice bran oil, citrus limonum, ocimum basilicum, melaleuca ericifolia, backhousia citriodora, citrus oils.

Simply shake the bottle, and add Discreet Drops, knowing its safe for all systems + waterways; its plant based/cruelty/chemical free.

Glass bottles can be rinsed and recycled. Ideal for shared bathrooms, we encourage all to use!

Hand made in small batches, Melbourne, Australia.