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Bon Lux

Rosa Boxed Votive Candle

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Rosa-rose petals and blossoms aglow in the morning light…blending pure, uplifting essential oils of rose wth ylang ylang and citrus blossom. A scent which burns soft and romantic, it fills a room with good vibes.

Companion to rosa votive candle and rosa roll on natural perfume. A milky glass vessel with a rosy flower print, this candle emits a soft, natural scent and subtle glow.

Presented in a daisy printed kraft tube, with an embossed label. When the candle is finished, you can use the vessel and the tube for pencils, makeup, a flower vase…

votive candle in a gift tube

vegan, cruelty free

100% cotton, lead free wick

460g weight, 500g in tube

90mm high 72mm diameter

100% sustainable soy wax

unique, essential oil blend

40 + hour burn

hand made in small batches, in our solar powered studio in Melbourne.