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Bubs & Boobs Co

Boob Balm

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When have you ever thought so much about your boobs before? Those two pillowy mounds that have been there since your first pimple are now overtaking your life, and by gosh do they HURT!

Cracked, grazed, rubbed-raw and sensitive as f*&!, this little, wiggly, crying, lump you created is literally sucking the life out of you. We think we can help. Please let us help.

Boob Balm is all-natural, vegan and Australian made, but also works, and here's why:

* Analgesic: for pain relief
* Anti-inflammatory: to reduce swelling, redness and pain

* Anti-bacterial: to assist staving off nasty infections, including mastitis

* Anti-fungal: no one wants thrush, let's try and avoid that one

* Highly moisturising: to keep your boobies flexible, supple and ready for anything

* Full of AMAZING active ingredients. Manuka Oil, Tamanu Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip and Marshmallow, just to name a few. All safe for you and your bubba